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Copyright and License

Welcome to our Copyright and License page, where we illuminate the realm of content ownership, user permissions, and creative rights. Discover the intricate balance that empowers creators and consumers within our publishing ecosystem.

Copyright Statement

All content published on this platform is subject to copyright protection. Copyright represents an exclusive legal right for creators to safeguard their original works against unauthorized use. This encompasses various rights, including controlling reproduction, distribution, and adaptation of their creative output. This protection extends to written, visual, and other forms of artistic expression, underscoring our commitment to upholding the rights of content creators.

Author's Rights and Responsibilities

Authors hold the privilege to exercise several crucial rights and bear corresponding responsibilities. These rights include the authority to manage their creations' reproduction, distribution, publication, and adaptation. By these rights, creators are accountable for maintaining the originality and legality of their works. They must ensure compliance with copyright laws and obtain necessary permissions before using or incorporating others' works in their creations.

Publication License

Authors submitting their works to ETFLIN for publication grant us a non-exclusive license to reproduce, edit, format, and distribute their contributions. This license allows us to prepare the content for publication in various forms, ensuring its suitability for language instruction purposes.

The Publication License with ETFLIN is non-exclusive, allowing authors to retain the right to grant similar licenses to other parties. This approach ensures that authors have the flexibility to share their work and contribute to multiple educational platforms.

Reuse of Creations

Educational Reusability

ETFLIN places high value on the educational impact of the content we publish. Authors submitting their creations to ETFLIN allow educators, students, and other learners to reuse, adapt, and build upon these materials for educational purposes. 

Creative Commons Licensing

To facilitate reuse, ETFLIN employs Creative Commons licensing models. This enables creators to specify the permissions for reuse, modification, and distribution of their works, thus contributing to a more flexible and adaptive educational landscape.

Attribution and Integrity

When reusing creations from ETFLIN, users are required to provide proper attribution to the original creators. This ensures that the integrity of the original work is maintained and that credit is given to the contributors.

Adaptation and Transformation

Educators and learners are encouraged to adapt and transform the creations available on ETFLIN to suit their specific teaching and learning contexts. This adaptability enhances the relevance and effectiveness of the materials.

Non-Commercial and Commercial Usage

Authors can specify whether their creations can be commercialized (in the Acknowledgment section). This empowers creators to define the scope of reuse and distribution that aligns with their goals.

Collaboration and Derivative Works

Reusing creations often leads to collaborative efforts and the development of derivative works. ETFLIN welcomes the collaborative spirit and encourages the growth of educational resources through these partnerships.

Ethical Reuse

Users are expected to adhere to ethical standards when reusing creations from ETFLIN. Misrepresentation, plagiarism, or misuse is strictly prohibited and can lead to account suspension and blacklisting. 

If you have any questions related to our copyright and license policy, contact us via email at halo@etflin.com

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