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Our Navigators of Success

We bring a robust academic background spanning various interdisciplinary fields and extensive experience as authors, reviewers, and editors. Our mission is to foster a publishing ecosystem that is more adaptive, equitable, and committed to delivering high-quality content.

Founder, Chief Executive Officer, and Chief Technology Officer

Abd. Kakhar Umar

ETFLIN's journey began in 2015 when I founded it as "EXCTeam" in Palu, Indonesia. Initially established as a community for health-focused students with a passion for technology, EXCTeam evolved into something more transformative. The community expanded its horizons, gaining new members from across the country.

Since 2022, I have been entrusted with the dual roles of CEO and CTO, steering the ship of ETFLIN towards innovation, growth, and impact. As the Chief Technology Officer, my responsibilities encompass the development of our platform, ensuring its security, shaping the course of innovation, and fostering collaborations that drive us forward.

Outside of my role as CEO and CTO at ETFLIN Publishing House, I'm all about having a blast with creativity. You'll catch me jamming on my guitar, throwing colors on a canvas, and exploring whatever piques my interest – whether it's diving into science or losing myself in the mesmerizing world of art that celebrates life's beautiful intricacies. πŸŽΈπŸŽ¨πŸ”

Chief Marketing Officer

Marina M. Shumkova

As a researcher in drug development and a specialist in pharmaceutical sciences, my journey with ETFLIN began as an editor. I initiated efforts to bring in new expertise, involving reviewers and editors from around the world. Over time, we successfully negotiated the organization of an international conference under the banner of ETFLIN. With prior experience in both pharmaceutical industry and academia, I assumed the role of Chief Commercial Officer in August 2023. My passion lies in empowering scientists and fostering a unified international community where everyone is motivated to achieve their best. Additionally, I am committed to attracting investments into the realms of science and industry.

Chief Legal and Diversity Officer

Bachtiar Rivai

As a Chief Legal and Diversity Officer (CLDO), my role encompasses two vital domains within the organization. First and foremost, I oversee all legal aspects, ensuring the company's compliance with applicable laws and regulations while managing legal risks and crafting policies. Additionally, I hold the responsibility of promoting and ensuring diversity and inclusion within the workplace. This entails developing and implementing diversity initiatives, advocating for equal opportunities, and fostering an inclusive work environment. I strive to harmonize legal compliance and diversity enhancement, contributing to a well-rounded and equitable corporate culture.

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