Our History!

ETFLIN was established in 2015. Its first community was formed in Palu City by a group of health and technology students with similar interests. Since its inception, the ETFLIN community has held/participated in a variety of activities such as pharmaceutical software design, technology application dissemination, and student creativity competitions.

Currently, ETFLIN already has members from various countries. The overall activity is the development of health software to aid in health research and work. ETFLIN also publishes scientific articles.

On June 20, 2022, PT. ETFLIN SCIENTIFIC SOCIETY was established under the legal protection of the Republic of Indonesia with registered license number of AHU-022119.AH.01.30.Tahun 2022.

Our Mission!

ETFLIN comprises a group of young science intellectuals who computerize and publish science. ETFLIN advocates equality in writing, communicating, and enhancing the enthusiasm for research in young and early career researchers. ETFLIN has coded multiple software into existence. Through our effort, we aim to improve the overall health systems.

We are open for collaboration in any fields to improve health systems

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