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Open Access APC Free 5 published papers p-ISSN 2830-7046 e-ISSN 2830-7259
Preclinical and clinical drug development Drug delivery Pharmaceutical formulation Pharmacodynamics Pharmacokinetics Drug metabolism Pharmacogenetics Gene-based therapy Cell-based therapy Protein-based therapy Drug classes Drug nomenclature Drug-drug interaction Adverse drug reaction Drug toxicity Pharmacovigilance Pharmacoepidemiology Pharmacoeconomics Read more
Open Access APC Free 5 published papers p-ISSN 2962-5793 e-ISSN 2962-553X
Pharmacognosy Phytochemistry Phytoinformatics Computational phytochemistry In-silico studies Pharmacological activities Toxicology Ethnobotany Herbal formulations Phyto-nanotechnology Phyto-pharmacovigilance Phyto-pharmacoepidemiology Phyto-pharmacoeconomics Molecular docking MD simulations Binding free energy calculations In-silico ADMET screening 2D/3D-QSAR modeling DFT studies Systems biology Network pharmacology Toxicological studies Ethnobotany Read more

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