What We Do?

On this page, we provide an elaborate account of our endeavors within the publishing domain. We elucidate the path authors and their manuscripts traverse. Our adept team, steering the facets of article management, assumes a pivotal role.

Editorial Roles

Our esteemed editorial team consists of seasoned professionals, each contributing a unique skill set to uphold the excellence and authenticity of our publication. With well-defined roles encompassing peer review, content curation, and formatting, we affirm our commitment to ensuring that every facet of our work adheres to the highest standards. Take a look at our Editorial Management

  • Setting the editorial direction and overall vision of the publication.
  • Selecting suitable articles for publication, maintaining content quality and diversity.
  • Handling the reviewer assessment process and making final decisions.
  • Introducing new features, formats, or approaches to keep the journal relevant.
  • Addressing conflicts, conflicting interests, and ethical issues.

  • Providing insights and input on the editorial direction of the journal and strategic decisions.
  • Offering feedback on the relevance, quality, and appropriateness of submitted content.
  • Assisting in connecting the journal with prominent experts and researchers in the field.

  • Selecting articles that align with the scope and focus of the section they manage.
  • Handling the review process by reviewers for articles within their section.
  • Making final decisions on acceptance, revision, or rejection of articles in their section.
  • Proposing new topics or sub-sections that align with advancements in the field.

The managing editor is sometimes called the Associate Editor as they help and stand in for the Editor in Chief's tasks when needed.

  • Managing the workflow of manuscripts from submission to publication.
  • Organizing and tracking the peer review process, communicating with reviewers and authors.
  • Managing metadata and ensuring articles are appropriately indexed for discoverability.

  • Ensuring proper grammar, syntax, and adherence to style guidelines.
  • Verifying factual accuracy and cross-referencing information.
  • Ensuring the text, figure, table, and other objects adhere to layout and formatting guidelines.
  • Making sure all types of publication versions like PDF, HTML, XML, audio, ePub, and more follow guidelines and are ready for publishing.

Article's Journey

Check the Manuscript Lifecycle for detailed workflow.

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