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Data Availability Statement

The purpose of this policy is to encourage authors to openly share the data underpinning their research, fostering transparency and enabling the broader scientific community to validate and build upon the findings.

In line with our commitment to advancing scholarly standards, this policy outlines guidelines for providing a clear and comprehensive Data Availability Statement (DAS) in articles submitted for publication.


Mandatory DAS Inclusion: Authors must provide a DAS in each article submitted to ETFLIN, clearly stating whether data is available or restricted, and how it can be accessed.

Content of DAS: Specify the data type available (e.g., raw data, processed data, software code, etc.). Provide information on where the data can be accessed, including repository names, URLs, or contact details for obtaining the data. If data is restricted, explain the restrictions and conditions for access.

Publicly Accessible Repositories: Encourage authors to deposit data in reputable, publicly accessible repositories or platforms to ensure the data is easily available to the scientific community.

Data Retention: Authors should retain the data for a reasonable period after publication to facilitate requests for access and verification.

Data Integrity and Quality: Authors should ensure the data shared is accurate, complete, and of sufficient quality to support the findings presented in the article.

Responsibilities of Authors

Authors submitting articles to ETFLIN are expected to:

Review and Enforcement

ETFLIN's editorial team will review the DAS during the manuscript evaluation process. Authors may be required to revise and enhance the DAS to comply with this policy.

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