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Publication Types

In this resource, you'll find explanations and definitions of various publication types we accept.

Art Review: An analysis or critique of an art exhibition, artist's work, or art movement. It typically discusses the artistic merits, themes, techniques, and impact of the art being reviewed.

Book Review: A critical evaluation of a book's content, style, and relevance. Book reviews often include a summary of the book's main points and the reviewer's analysis of its strengths and weaknesses.

Case Report: A detailed description of a single patient's medical condition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes. Case reports are often used to document rare or unusual cases and can provide valuable insights for medical professionals.

Case Series: Similar to a case report but involves a series of patients with similar characteristics or conditions. Case series provide more comprehensive data than individual case reports but are less extensive than clinical trials.

Clinical Trial: A research study that evaluates the effectiveness and safety of a medical intervention, such as a new drug or treatment. Clinical trials follow a strict protocol and are designed to generate scientific evidence to support medical decision-making.

Conference Proceeding: A collection of papers or abstracts presented at a scientific or academic conference. Conference proceedings often include research findings, discussions, and presentations on specific topics or fields.

Editorial: An opinion piece written by an editor or expert on a particular topic. Editorials express viewpoints, provide analysis, and sometimes offer recommendations or suggestions.

Exhibition Catalogue: A publication accompanying an art exhibition, providing information about the artworks, artists, themes, and context of the exhibition.

Mini Review: A concise review article that summarizes and discusses recent developments, trends, or advances in a specific field of research. Minireviews are shorter than traditional review articles but still provide valuable insights and analysis.

Opinion/Perspective: Similar to an editorial, this type of publication presents a personal or professional viewpoint on a specific issue, topic, or area of interest.

Pictorial Essay: A visual presentation of a topic or concept using images, diagrams, charts, and illustrations. Pictorial essays can be used to explain complex ideas or showcase visual data.

Public Insight: A publication that shares insights, perspectives, or analyses on public policy, social issues, or current events. Public insights may include research findings, expert opinions, and recommendations for action.

Research Article: A detailed report of original research conducted by scientists, scholars, or researchers. Research articles typically follow a structured format including an introduction, methods, results, discussion, and conclusions.

We consider Bibliometrics and Meta Analysis as a research article. So please label them as Research Article. You can specify the study type in your article title, for example: Film Forming Spray of Water Soluble Chitosan as Diabetic Wound Dressing: In Vitro Study or Meta Analysis.

Review: A comprehensive analysis or evaluation of existing literature, research, or knowledge on a specific topic. Reviews synthesize information from multiple sources to provide a comprehensive overview and analysis of a subject.

We consider Systematic ReviewScoping ReviewNarrative ReviewLiterature Review, and Critical Review as a review article. So please label it as Review.

Technical Note: A brief report or communication that highlights a specific technical aspect, method, or finding. Technical notes are often used to share practical knowledge, techniques, or solutions in a concise format.

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