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Using Third-Party Material

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all third-party materials, such as figures, tables, images, text excerpts, and other content borrowed from external sources, are used in a legal and ethical manner, respecting intellectual property rights and giving appropriate credit to the original creators.

Guiding Principles

Proper Attribution: Authors must provide clear and accurate attribution for all third-party material used in their articles. This includes citing the original source and obtaining necessary permissions, when applicable.

Legal Use: Authors must ensure that the use of third-party material complies with copyright laws, fair use provisions, or other relevant legal standards.

Obtaining Permissions: Authors are responsible for obtaining appropriate permissions for using third-party material, especially if the material is copyrighted. Permissions should be obtained before the submission of the article.

Public Domain and Open Access Material: Material in the public domain or released under open access licenses can be used without permission. However, proper attribution and acknowledgment of the source are mandatory.

Fair Use: Authors should adhere to the principles of fair use when using third-party material for commentary, criticism, educational purposes, or transformative uses.

Originality and Reuse: Authors are encouraged to create original content whenever possible. If third-party material is used, authors should aim to transform or add substantial value to the original material to ensure a new contribution to the research.

Responsibilities of Authors

Authors submitting articles to ETFLIN are expected to:

Review and Enforcement

ETFLIN's editorial team will review submitted manuscripts to ensure compliance with this policy. Authors found in violation may be requested to rectify the issue or risk rejecting their submission.

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