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Publishing Model

At ETFLIN, we are committed to promoting open access to scholarly research. To achieve this goal, we have implemented a Gold Open Access publishing model. This policy outlines the principles and procedures governing our Gold Open Access publishing approach.

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Open Access (OA) publishing has revolutionized the dissemination of knowledge, making scholarly research accessible to a global audience without financial or technical barriers. As a publisher, we are committed to the principles of Open Access and employ a comprehensive publishing model that embraces accessibility, transparency, and sustainability.


Our Open Access publishing model ensures that research outputs, including articles, books, and datasets, are freely available to anyone with an internet connection. This unrestricted access eliminates the traditional barriers to knowledge, enabling researchers, students, policymakers, and the public to benefit from the latest scientific discoveries and scholarly insights. By removing paywalls, we promote inclusivity and democratize access to information, fostering a more equitable and informed society.

Quality Assurance

While promoting accessibility, we uphold rigorous standards of quality assurance. All submissions undergo a thorough peer-review process conducted by experts in the respective fields. This ensures that only high-quality, original research with scholarly significance is published, maintaining the integrity and credibility of the academic record. Our commitment to quality extends to editorial oversight, ethical standards, and adherence to best publishing practices.

Transparent Licensing

We embrace transparent licensing models such as Creative Commons (CC) licenses, which allow authors to retain copyright while granting users the right to read, download, distribute, and reuse their work with proper attribution. This promotes collaboration, innovation, and knowledge sharing while respecting intellectual property rights. Authors have the flexibility to choose the most suitable CC license for their work, balancing openness with their desired level of control.

Financial Sustainability

Our Open Access publishing model is financially sustainable through various mechanisms. We offer authors multiple funding options, including article processing charges (APCs), institutional memberships, grants, and waivers based on financial need. These diversified revenue streams enable us to cover operational costs while maintaining affordable publishing fees. We are transparent about our pricing structure, ensuring fairness and accessibility for authors from diverse backgrounds and institutions.


We are also flexible and open to adapting our publication and post-publication management according to the funder's requirements. This includes data archiving, licensing, copyright, research integrity validation, reporting, transparency, public interest considerations, and more.   

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