Editorial Policy: Data Sharing and Deposition

Abd. Kakhar Umar
Tuesday, 14 February 2023

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As a publication committed to advancing scientific discovery, we believe that the responsible sharing of research data is essential. By making data available to others, researchers can build upon each other's work, increase transparency, and facilitate collaboration and innovation. Our data sharing policy outlines our commitment to these principles and encourages authors to make their research data available in a manner that protects confidentiality and sensitive information, while promoting openness and accessibility. Whether deposited in a repository or shared through other means, we believe that authors have a responsibility to preserve and manage their data in a manner that supports continued research and discovery. By following this policy, we aim to facilitate the reuse and reuse of research data, to promote transparency and reproducibility, and to encourage collaboration and innovation within the scientific community.

Data Sharing

Availability: Our publication supports the principles of open data sharing and encourages authors to make their research data available to others. Authors must provide the necessary information to allow others to access and use the data in accordance with the terms of use agreed upon at the time of publication.

Confidentiality: Confidential or sensitive data must be handled in accordance with relevant laws and regulations and should not be shared without the express consent of all parties involved.

Repository: Where appropriate, authors should deposit their data in a suitable repository, such as a public database, with a unique identifier that can be cited in the publication.

Preservation: Our publication will make reasonable efforts to preserve the data associated with the published work for the long-term.

Data Management Plan: Authors should include a data management plan in their submission that outlines how the data was collected, processed, and analyzed, as well as how it will be made available to others.


Data availability Confidentiality protection Data management Data repository Research transparency

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