Invited Speaker at an International Webinar on the topic In-silico techniques used in Pharmaceutical Research

James H. Zothantluanga
Tuesday, 13-September-2022

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Members of the ETFLIN Scientific Society (James H. Zothantluanga & Abd. Kakhar Umar) successfully delivered an International Webinar on In-silico techniques used in Pharmaceutical Research organized by the Pharmacy Student Body & Department of Pharmacy – FMIPA Tadulako University, Palu, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. The event took place on 26th June 2022. Several topics such as molecular docking, molecular dynamics, MM-GBSA calculations, QSAR, and ADMET were explained and taught to hundreds of participants through PPT presentation and Q&A session. We consider the webinar as successful as participants responded with positive feedback and they showed keen interest to learn and apply the in-silico techniques newly introduced to them. 


International Webinar Invited Speaker Indonesia

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