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Revolutionizing knee pain relief: a breakthrough method unveiled

Discover a new, safe approach to alleviate post-surgery knee pain. Learn how gentle nerve stimulation offers effective relief, minimizing opioid use and enhancing daily life

Abd. Kakhar Umar
Thursday, 21 September 2023

Revolutionizing knee pain relief: a breakthrough method unveiled

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Dealing with ongoing knee pain after knee surgery, like a total knee replacement, is really tough. The usual treatments often don't work well for this type of pain. But there's some exciting news from a recent study!

Scientists are testing a new kind of treatment called externally powered percutaneous peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) focused on certain nerves in the leg. This treatment is done with a tiny device placed under the skin, and it's a gentle way to potentially ease knee pain without major surgery.

The study found that this new approach helped a lot of people feel much better after surgery. It's like a big step forward in how we could help folks with long-lasting knee pain after their surgery, making life better for them.

Knee pain relief after external nerve stimulation

This study discovered an exciting new way to ease long-lasting knee pain that can happen after knee surgery. They used a technique called "external nerve stimulation," which involves sending gentle electrical signals to specific nerves in the knee. This approach turned out to be simple and safe, and it helped a lot with reducing pain.

People who took part in the study had been struggling with pretty severe knee pain, even after having surgery. The new treatment with nerve stimulation made a big difference for them. Their pain went down, and they needed fewer strong pain pills (opioids). It also improved how they felt overall and made their day-to-day life better. 

The study tells us that not only did this treatment help with the physical pain, but it also helped with the mental and emotional side of things. Plus, using this technique meant they didn't have to rely so much on heavy pain medications, which is a big deal. It's like finding a new, safer path to feeling better after knee surgery.

Improving quality of life

The people in the study who tried this new approach had been dealing with really strong knee pain, sometimes as bad as 8 out of 10 on a pain scale. That's like having a constant ache that just won't let up. But with this new treatment, their pain dropped, and they didn't need as many strong pain medicines.

Not only did their pain improve, but they also started feeling better emotionally and mentally. It's like a boost of positivity. And the best part? They could manage their pain without relying so much on those heavy pain pills that can sometimes cause problems.

Comparing to other methods

Let's talk about how this new knee pain fix compares to other solutions. The researchers checked out different ways to help with knee pain after surgery. One way they looked at involved using gentle electrical signals on certain knee nerves. Turns out, this new way works just as well as the other methods out there! 

You see, some methods involve putting stuff inside your body to help with the pain, but not this new method. It's like having a special remote control that talks to your nerves and makes the pain go away. And here's the cool part: it's just as good at easing the pain as the other methods, but it's simpler and safer. Plus, it's less likely to cause problems or get you hooked on heavy medicines.

Imagine finding a super effective tool that's easy to use and safe, giving people a way to deal with their knee pain without worrying about nasty side effects or becoming dependent on strong painkillers. It's like finding a better, safer path to a pain-free life.

Reference: Früh, A., Sargut, T.A., Hussein, A. et al. Peripheral nerve stimulation for the treatment of chronic knee pain. Sci Rep 13, 15543 (2023). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-023-42608-x


knee pain relief after surgery gentle nerve stimulation minimizing opioid use improving quality of life breakthrough pain management techniques

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