Manuscript status after submission, what do they mean?

James H. Zothantluanga
Thursday, 27 October 2022

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The manuscript is successfully submitted to the journal. Within a few hours, the Editor-in-Chief will handle the manuscript.

Editorial assessment
The Editor-in-Chief is currently evaluating the manuscript quality to see if it falls within the scope, follows the guidelines and adheres to the policy of the journal.

Manuscript sent back
The editor has found minor problems in the submitted manuscript. Before it can be sent for peer-review, corrections are required to be made by the authors.

Under review
The manuscript is currently reviewed by independent experts in the concerned area.

Major revision
Reviewers has found several problems (major) in the manuscript. The authors are expected to make clarifications against all the problems that are detected in the manuscript.

Minor revision
Reviewers has found only a few mistakes in the manuscript and can be easily corrected.

The authors have requested to withdraw their submission from the journal and the Editor-in-Chief has agreed to grant their request.

The manuscript is accepted for publication in the journal.

The manuscript is rejected and will not be published in the journal.

Galley proof
The manuscript has been accepted for publication. However, the final version of the manuscript is being sent to authors for a final review before it is published online.

In press
The manuscript had been accepted for publication and it is currently under publication process.

The final version of the accepted manuscript is published online both in PDF and HTML version.


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