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Drug's Tonicity Adjuster

Adjust the tonicity of your preparation through ingredient's level adjustment.

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Molecular Docking Software

Dock multiple ligand and protein with one time set up.

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Digital Colorimetry Software

Measure the material content using a simple and affordable software.

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Ingredients Compatibility Analyzer

Scan the compatibility among the excipients of your formula.

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ETFLIN Journals
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Share your research results and ideas to the world-wide readers.

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Clinical Trial on Sciences of Pharmacy
Randomized Open Clinical Trial to Evaluate Netratarpana Efficacy in Elderly Patients with Primary Insomnia (Anidra)
By Satyajit Pandurang Kulkarni, Pritam Chugule, Pallavi Satyajit Kulkarni (Monday, 16 January 2023)

Views: 100, Download: 5, PDF, HTML

Research Article on Sciences of Phytochemistry
Comparison of blood glucose control among type 2 diabetics consuming oral antidiabetic drug versus oral antidiabetic drug with home remedies
By Kavitha Karthik Pai, Neethu Mathews, Meenakshi Garg (Thursday, 12 January 2023)

Views: 1043, Download: 19, PDF, HTML

Case Series on Sciences of Pharmacy
Hypertriglyceridemia Induced Acute Pancreatitis: A Learn from New Cases
By Ramandeep Singh, Ranjodh Jeet Singh, Satinder Kakar, Jasmeet Kaur (Thursday, 05 January 2023)

Views: 157, Download: 19, PDF, HTML

Editorial on Sciences of Phytochemistry
A beginner’s guide to molecular docking
By James H. Zothantluanga, Dipak Chetia (Friday, 02 December 2022)

Views: 147, Download: 10, PDF, HTML

Opinion/Perspective on Sciences of Phytochemistry
NanoPhytoformulations: what is so interesting about the nanoscale ?
By Sanjoy Das, Taison Jamatia (Tuesday, 29 November 2022)

Views: 126, Download: 6, PDF, HTML

Review on Sciences of Phytochemistry
Bambusa vulgaris: A comprehensive review of its traditional uses, phytochemicals and pharmacological activities
By Jeba Akhtar, Lima Patowary (Tuesday, 22 November 2022)

Views: 218, Download: 12, PDF, HTML

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Manuscript Lifecycle
By Abd. Kakhar Umar (Monday, 16 January 2023)

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Peer-Review Guidelines
By Abd. Kakhar Umar (Monday, 16 January 2023)

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Sciences of Pharmacy now indexed in DOAJ
By Abd. Kakhar Umar (Friday, 02 December 2022)

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This android app can overcome tonicity problem, not only hypotonicity but also hypertonicity.

The calculation employed Kahar method (Umar, A.K., 2019). The method was used to determine the appropriate concentration of ingredients so that the formula can form an isotonic mixture.

You have no need to use isotonic agent considering the compatibility of ingredients and stability of the dosage. The isotonic mixture can be achieved by adjusting the excipients' concentration in the formula, ToniFlin will help you determine them.

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A simple and one time set up software to run your multiple ligands and protein docking. The software used Autodock Vina scoring function with new features that can determine the crucial amino acids and binding stability through molecular dynamic simulation.

The software has been used by the scientists to discover new drugs or repurpose drugs for other diseases (Umar, A. K. et al, 2022, Umar, A. K. et al, 2021, Umar, A. K. and Zothantluanga, J. H., 2021). Researcher also found and proposed a SARS-Cov-19 Mpro inhibitor through in silico study using DockFlin (Umar, A. K., 2021).

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Say good bye to expensive measurement tools, because now, this amazing software can help you measure colored materials' content through digital colorimetry. Just capture and input the standard solutions' image to the Colori@ and let it generate you the high linear equation to quantify your sample content.

This software employed a machine learning algorithm (Fuzzy C-Means pixel clustering) to extract serial pixels of each image inputted that give a high linearity in their sequences.

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This software is used at pre-formulation stage to help pharmacist determining a formula with no compatibility among the excipient chosen. There are more than 500 excipients in EXC-Sol so you can make a million of combinations to produce optimal formulas. The features include a limit range of excipients' concentration based on their functionality, hydrophilic-lipophilic balance calculator, and tonicity adjustor.

This software can save you from the disadvantage of trial and errors.

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