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Address: Sungai Manonda Street, Syukur Aisle No. 2, RT 001/RW 004, Duyu Village, Tatanga Distric, Palu City, Central Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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I am a motivated researcher in the field of pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical technology. My recent work focuses on developing modified liposomal and polymers as a drug delivery system for biomedicines. For further research, I believe that the research in stabilizing and localizing the secretome (stem cell-free) would be advantageous for regenerative therapy. In another field, coding or IT thing is my favorite job. I am interested in studying the impact of the diversity of genetic information and individual preferences on various drug effects. The study would be the key to develop specific protein targeting and more precise therapy. Health sciences knowledge and programming skill are a potent combination to develop advanced sciences. 


Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) – Chulalongkorn University 2021-present 

  • Dissertation: Stem cell’s secretome delivery systems. 

Magister of Pharmacy – Universitas Padjadjaran 2019-2020 (GPA 3.71)
  • Finished in only two semesters with several publications.
  • Thesis: Film-forming spray water-soluble chitosan containing hEGF-liposome for diabetic wound healing. 
Apothecary – Universitas Padjadjaran 2018-2019 (GPA 3.67)
  • Funded by the Ministry of Research and Technology for developing EXC-Sol through the Business Competition of Indonesian Students.
  • Achieved a score of 84 on the Indonesian Apothecary Competency Test (UKAI).
Bachelor of Pharmacy – Universitas Tadulako 2013-2017 (GPA 3.62)
  • Received an award from the department of pharmacy for the invention of EXC-Sol.
  • Script: Software development EXC-Sol as supporting suspension dosage preformulation.

Work Experience

Universitas Padjadjaran - Now

As a researcher: Designed research procedures and timeline; designed and produced liposomes with excellent shape and stability, with high entrapment efficiency (99,91%); designed and produced a film-forming spray that improves biomolecules' in vivo stability, bioavailability, and effectivity. 

PT. Meditech Algoritma Interaktif - Now 

  • Chief technology officer (CTO): managed the following several software developments: 
  • Developed Hellomora software for medical document management.  The system allows users to store and share their medical data among health workers across institutions to simplify diagnosis, referral, verification, etc. For further advancement, artificial intelligence will be applied to extract and process any form of medical data into a predicted health profile. (https://hellomora.com).
  • Developed DockFlin software for simple and multiple ligand/protein docking. A novel algorithm was applied for scoring the activity of amino acid residue on protein binding pockets using dynamic ligand-protein interactions.
  • Developed EXC-Sol software to simplify the pre-formulation process. EXC-Sol can analyze multivariable data to predict the compatibility among the excipient chosen. There are a lot of alternative excipients and their ranged concentration to help you design various possible formulas. 

Institut Jawa Barat (INJABAR) - 2019

  • Developed InaTTI software for mobile laboratory systems.  The Ministry of Health of Indonesia uses the system for Covid-19 test, trace, and isolation management (https://inatti.id). 


PT. Fresenius Kabi Combiphar (Internship) 

  • As a Quality Assurance: analyzed batch record, carried out transport validation, packaging validation, filled out data for drug registration.
  • As Quality Control Assistant: in process control (IPC) of tablet compressing process, determined tablet dimensional, heavy metal contamination, packaging, friability, hardness, etc. 

Teaching and Laboratory

Universitas Padjadjaran (2019-Now)

Universitas Tadulako (2021-Now)

Apothecary program: the preparation for the

Indonesian Apothecary Competency Test


Basic pharmaceutics

Pharmaceutical technology: solid, semisolid, and liquid


Organic chemistry


Chemical analysis



Natural material technology




Programming, Database Management, and Other Skills 

• Dart    • React    • Java     • Kotlin     • C#     • VB     • PHP     • Javascript     • HTML     • CSS     • Bootstrap      • Machine Learning     • MySQL     • MS Access    • RStudio   • Statistical Software (SPSS)     • Room/SQLite     • I would love to learn a new programming language    • Playing guitar      • Painting

Books/Book chapter

  1. Pengobatan Terkini Ulkus Diabetikum: Bahan Herbal Hingga Sediaan Nanopartikel. Deepublish. ISBN: 978-623-02-1995-5
  2. Drug Repurposing and Computational Drug Discovery: Strategies And Advances. Apple Academic Publisher. ISBN: 9781774912775.
  3. Phytoantioxidants and Nanotherapeutics. Wiley Group. ISBN: 9781119811770.

Recent Publications

  1. Umar AK, Luckanagul JA, Zothantluanga JH, Sriwidodo S. Complexed Polymer Film-Forming Spray: An Optimal Delivery System for Secretome of Mesenchymal Stem Cell as Diabetic Wound Dressing?. Pharmaceuticals. July 2022; 15(7):867. (Q1 IF 5.215)
  2. Umar AK, Sriwidodo S, Maksum IP, Wathoni N. Film-Forming Spray of Water-Soluble Chitosan Containing Liposome-Coated Human Epidermal Growth Factor for Wound Healing. Molecules. 02 September 2021;26(17):5326. (Q2 IF 4.412)
  3. Umar AKAK, Butarbutar MET, Sriwidodo S, Wathoni N. Film-Forming Sprays for Topical Drug Delivery. Drug Des Devel Ther. Julie 2020; Volume 14:2909–25. (Q1 IF 4.162)
  4. Sriwidodo S, Pratama R, Umar AK, Chaerunisaa A, Ambarwati AT, Wathoni N. Preparation of Mangosteen Peel Extract Microcapsules by Fluidized Bed Spray-Drying for Tableting: Improving the Solubility and Antioxidant Stability. Antioxidants. July 2022; 11(7):1337. (Q1 IF 7.675)
  5. Umar AK, Zothantluanga JH, Aswin K, Maulana S, Zubair MS, Lalhlenmawia H, Rudrapal M, Chetia D. Antiviral phytocompounds “ellagic acid” and “(+)‑sesamin” of Bridelia retusa identified as potential inhibitors of SARS‑CoV‑2 3CL pro using extensive molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulation studies, binding free energy calculations, and bioactivity prediction. Structural Chemistry. May 2022; 33(1):1-21. (IF 1.795)
  6. Pasala PK, Uppara RK, Rudrapal M, Zothantluanga JH, Umar AK. Silybin phytosome attenuates cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats by suppressing oxidative stress and reducing inflammatory response: In vivo and in silico approaches. Journal of Biochemical and Molecular Toxicology. April 2022; 36(8). (IF 3.568)
  7. Umar AK. Flavonoid compounds of buah merah (Pandanus conoideus Lamk) as a potent SARS-CoV-2 main protease inhibitor: in silico approach. Futur J Pharm Sci. 10 Desember 2021;7(1):158. (Springer)
  8. Sriwidodo S, Maksum IPIP, Subroto T, Wathoni N, Subarnas A, Umar AKAK. Activity and effectiveness of recombinant hEGF excreted by escherichia coli BL21 on wound healing in induced diabetic mice. J Exp Pharmacol. 2020;12(September):339–48. (Q2 IF 2.24) 
  9. Sriwidodo, Subroto T, Maksum IPIP, Subarnas A, Kesumawardhany B, Desak Made Diah Dwi Lestari, et al. Preparation and Optimization of Chitosan-hEGF Nanoparticle Using Ionic Gelation Method Stabilized by Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) for Wound Healing Therapy. Int J Res Pharm Sci. 08 Februarie 2020;11(1):1220–30. (Q4)
  10. Wathoni N, Nguyen AN, Rusdin A, Umar AK, Mohammed AFA, Motoyama K, et al. Enteric-Coated Strategies in Colorectal Cancer Nanoparticle Drug Delivery System. Drug Des Devel Ther. 2020;14:4387–405. (Q1 IF 4.162)
  11. Sriwidodo S, Kurniawan Syah IS, Maksum IP, Subroto T, Zasvia U, Umar AK. Stabilization of eye drops containing autologous serum and recombinant human epidermal growth factor for dry eye syndrome. J Adv Pharm Technol Res. 11(4):184–8. (Q2)
  12. Alaydrus S, Umar AK, Sriwidodo S, Diantini A, Wathoni N, Amalia R. Characterization and acute oral toxicity of concentrated minerals of Pamekasan Madura seawater. J Adv Pharm Technol Res. 12(3):305–9. (Q2)
  13. Kelutur FJ, Mustarichie R, Umar AK. Virtual Screening Kandungan Senyawa Kipas Laut (Gorgonia mariae) sebagai Anti-Asma. ALCHEMY J Penelit Kim. 2020;16(2):48. (Sinta 2)
  14. Umar AK. Stem Cell’s Secretome Delivery Systems. Adv Pharm Bull [Internet]. 03 January 2022 [cited 12 April 2022]; Available at: http://apb.tbzmed.ac.ir/Inpress/apb-32392 (Q1 IF 3.48)
  15. Sriwidodo, Umar AK, Wathoni N, Zothantluanga JH, Das S, Luckanagul JA. Liposome-polymer complex for drug delivery system and vaccine stabilization. Heliyon. Februarie 2022;8(2):e08934. (Q1 IF 2.85)
  16. Umar AK, Kelutur FJ, Zothantluanga JH. Flavonoid Compounds of Buah Merah (Pandanus conoideus Lamk) as a Potent Oxidative Stress Modulator in ROS-induced Cancer: In Silico Approach. Maj Obat Tradis. 21 Desember 2021;26(3):221. (Sinta 2)
  17. Umar AK, Zothantluanga JH. Structure-Based Virtual Screening and Molecular Dynamics of Quercetin and Its Natural Derivatives as Potent Oxidative Stress Modulators in ROS-induced Cancer. Indones J Pharm. 03 November 2021;3(2):60.
  18. Sriwidodo, Abd. Kakhar Umar, Ega Megawati, Maria Elvina Tresia Butarbutar, Nasrul Wathoni, Syafika Alaydrus. Physicochemical Characterization of Concentrated Mineral and Magnesium Isolate of Sea Water Pamekasan Madura. Int J Res Pharm Sci. 21 Desember 2020;11(SPL4):2154–7. (Q4)
  19. Umar A., Wathoni N, Hasanah A, Kurniawansyah I, Abdassah M. Kahar method: A novel calculation method of tonicity adjustment. J Pharm Bioallied Sci. 2019;11(8):635. (Q3)

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